Dark Clouds

作者 詠村 ハミア











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連載中 全48話


  1. 第1章 In Maydia
  2. 第1頁 I'm Demelza. Yeah, Demelza Dlip.
  3. 第2頁 Without a resolution to abandon my Life, I'm not alive today.
  4. 第3頁 Don't think that the sceneries you're seeing are all of the world.
  5. 第4頁 Get out within that I not get angry.
  6. 第5頁 It may be destined turn if I meet you somewhere again.
  7. 第6頁 If you don't believe a fairytale with reality, what I speak will be only a fairytale for you!
  8. 第7頁 That is, you want to go to somewhere, but there is no place to go.
  9. 第8頁 Will I die? Will I DIE?
  10. 第9頁 What targeted it……what it was this Demelza, a thing is your cause of defeat!!
  11. 第10頁 You did what a stupid thing…….
  12. 第11頁 Originally, the king should perish with the country.
  13. 第12頁 It is not a clever act, Excellency.
  14. 第13頁 If it is all the human beings following a rule, Naptia is more peaceful!!!
  15. 第2章 In Delience
  16. 第1頁 It is expected that the war spreads soon.
  17. 第2頁 It may not be a shame to cry. ......, but that does not match with pride.
  18. 第3頁 There is always light at the end of the path I am seeking.
  19. 第4頁 Why don't I like such a thing......
  20. 第3章 In Kashar
  21. 第1頁 Welcome it is a traveler to Teber which the town of the flower.
  22. 第2頁 I decide what I would do!
  23. 第3頁 My life is painful.
  24. 第4頁 I hear that Guillen, the 4th generation lord, was a brilliant one.
  25. 第5頁 This body is not comfortable, too......
  26. 第6頁 What I know is memories, not pasts.
  27. 第7頁 Why do people grieve?
  28. 第8頁 The void man found the possibility in the emptiness of the end of the death.
  29. 第9頁 No matter what you say, I will follow you!
  30. 第10頁 If the blood splashed on the ground, something blossoms will certainly bloom there.
  31. 第11頁 You are loved in the world?
  32. 第12頁 Do a duel with people who agree.
  33. 第13頁 You really aren't good at coin toss.
  34. 第14頁 Wear this, or you will be in danger.
  35. 第15頁 In an emergency, run away anyway.
  36. 第16頁 Just so you know, it serves you right.
  37. 第17頁 What is this miserable situation?
  38. 第18頁 In fact, you were OK.
  39. 第4章 In Atometia
  40. 第1頁 Demelza is beautiful.
  41. 第2頁 You too are oddball!
  42. 第3頁 Fate abandoned him.
  43. 第4頁 I am just looking.
  44. 第5頁 I asked you what are you coming here for.
  45. 第6頁 And?
  46. 第7頁 I wanna a future.
  47. 第8頁 I have no choice but to go.
  48. 第9頁 I'll go back.
  49. 第10頁 What are you doing!?
  50. 第11頁 I don′t allow you to hide the king by fiction in front of me.
  51. 第12頁 However, the heartless king can no longer see the future.
  52. 第13頁 What can I do?