Episode 7/"Kosaburo Oki" Named Man

"Kosaburo Oki".

The third son of the "Oki"'s family who hosts one of the famous swordsmanship dojos in Kyoto.

"Kosaburo" is a twin eggy twin with "Koshiro" of the fourth son of the "Oki"'s family.

He was five years old away from first brother "Kotaro", and two years old away from second brother "Kojiro".

And since he was born in a pedigree of samurai, so he became naturally learn swordsmanship with his brothers.

In the "Oki"'s dojo, it imposed more hard training for those who were unable to do.

Until "Kosaburo" and "Koshiro" joined the training, that hard training was imposed on "Kojiro".

However, when "Kosaburo" and "Koshiro" join the training, that hard training will be imposed on "Koshiro".

Because "Kosaburo" was excellent from childhood.

Their father 's "Gentaro" cherished such "Kosaburo" very much.

The talent of "Kosaburo" may be comparable to the first son "Kotaro".

No, "Gentaro" felt more talent to "Kosaburo", so he loved "Kosaburo" very much.

That love was also comparable to that which was directed to the first son "Kotaro", or more.

In such situation, "Kosaburo" will grow steadily.

In the relationship of his brothers, he becomes in a difficult position.

"Kotaro" was always near the father 's "Gentaro", and he imposed a hard training to "Kojiro" and "Koshiro" together with "Gentaro".

"Kojiro" and "Koshiro" were inferior but it was also true that they were children of "Gentaro".

Therefore, the severity of "Gentaro" was because of affection.

However, the severity of "Kotaro" was due to dislikes against brothers who are inferior.

Perhaps it was a factor that imposed excessively hard training to "Kojiro" and "Koshiro" from time to time.

Of course there was a hard training imposed to "Kosaburo" too.

However, "Gentaro" cherished the excellent "Kosaburo".

Further, "Kotaro" who was watching it was gentle to "Kosaburo".

In such a situation "Kosaburo" will become a role to keep the balance of the brothers.

Unlike "Kotaro", "Kosaburo" had no disliked of "Kojiro" and "Koshiro".

After all, it may be that "Kotaro" will become isolated in brothers.

So "Kosaburo" will adjust the distance to "Kotaro".

Leave "Koshiro" to "Kojiro" which was good as caring, "Kosaburo" approached "Kotaro" and tried to keep the balance between our brothers.

Such an environment may have fostered the human nature of "Kosaburo", and it has become to further improve the skill as a swordsman.

Among the "Oki"'s four brothers, "Kosaburo" seems to have been well-balanced and excellent even as the most human and swordsman.

First brother "Kotaro" was excellent as a swordsman, but arrogance was a conspicuous human nature.

Second brother "Kojiro" was common as a swordsman, but there was human nature able to care of others.

"Kosaburo" has grown into such a person who added the advantages and omitted the disadvantages of such brothers.

And "Kosaburo" will join "Shinsengumi" with "Kojiro".

The successor to the "Oki"'s dojo has "Kotaro".

Those other brothers than "Kotaro" needed to find another job.

"Shinsengumi" would be fully appealing as a job place in this era.

And the environment of "Shinsengumi" seems to give good stimulation to "Kosaburo".

So now "Kosaburo" is less skillful than "Kotaro", but in the near future he may be overtaking "Kotaro".

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