Episode 10/Mistake Man

It was just one year ago.

It will be summer soon, such a day affair.

"Gentaro" leaves on the way in a friend's celebration and headed home leisurely.

The day was already been night, but the night wind was comfortable for drunk body with liquor.

The moon which was lacking a little looked down "Gentaro" from the night sky.

He thought that his friends still continue the celebration.

For the pursuit of swordsmanship, "Gentaro" couldn't break day-to-day training.

In order to do that training, he left from the celebration.

He thought that children have already finished training today.

It's because he told chirdren to finish earlier.

What remains is his training only.

He plans to do that training today at his home dojo after this.

But still drunk.

It seems that he drank excessive liquor.

Until now, "Gentaro" have never been so much drunk.

He thought that he will soon return to sanity, if he showers a night wind.

However, he had not returned to a sanity yet, so he thought that the cause was due to aging.

And thinking that he made a mistake, walks while making introspection.

Then someone appeared in the direction of his progress.

The light of the Japanese lantern that he has in his left hand shines that someone's shadow.

It's rare to meet others in the night road in this era.

It isn't to go out in the night unless it's an important matter.

That's why "Gentaro" has been careful.

Now, Kyoto was politically confused.

But "Gentaro" wasn't involved in politics.

He is mere the Lord of swordsmanship dojo.

Many of his disciples, including his sons, became soldiers of the "Shinsengumi", but he is by no means politically involved.

Still he goes walking with adequate caution.

Confirmed for that someone's face, he was surprised and relieved.

「Hey! "Koshiro". It's unusual for you to go out at night, what happened?」

"Gentaro" spoke to "Koshiro".

However, there's no reply from "Koshiro".

「How can I help you?」

"Gentaro" again asked "Koshiro".

"Koshiro" doesn't answer the question of "Gentaro", attacks "Gentaro" with his Japanese sword.

"Gentaro" couldn't go against it, and the Japanese sword of "Koshiro" penetrated his throat.

It was totally careless.

He won't be able to predict his own son will attack him.

Furthermore, being drunk was a real mistake.

If he was sane, he would have been able to feel the madness of "Koshiro" beforehand.

Because "Gentaro" is "Oki" style swordsmanship master.

Such "Gentaro" is easily killed by a mistake of drunkenness and a carelessness to his family.

Furthermore, he was killed by one of the real son.

One tragedy was played here without being known to anyone.

And "Koshiro" pulls out the sword from the throat of "Gentaro", swings the sword and shakes off the blood attached to the sword, slowly puts the sword in the sheath.

At the same time, the body of "Gentaro" fell down to the ground.

Blood flows out from the wound, blood pool spreads on the ground.

Already "Gentaro" was dead.

And "Koshiro" walked away from the place as if nothing had happened.

Only the corpse of "Gentaro" is left on the place.

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