Episode 4/By-blow Man

It will soon be summer, it's such a late spring night.

The time is around 9 PM.

It has been a long time since sunset had already passed.

A moon of the first quarter is floating in the night sky.

The very big man was sitting on the edge of the corridor of Maekawa's House, which was the base of "Shinsengumi".

The man turned towards the garden and closed his eyes, and existed there without moving at all.

The moonlight from the night sky and the light leaking from inside the room emerge vaguely the figure of the man in the dark.

There is a big scratch by swords in the face of the man, but with this degree of brightness it may be impossible to confirm that scratch.

A man goes through there.

The man was slim and cool.

His age is over twenty years old.

The size of the body is neither large nor small.

And the man noticed a very big man sitting on the edge of the corridor, and spoke to the man.

「"Tenryu", it's unusual for you to come here.」

「I will go out soon.」

A very big man called "Tenryu" responded so, he slowly opens his eyes and continues the words and asks the man.

「Apart from that, is "Kosaburo" all right?」

「It's OK. Because he didn't make a mistake.」

The man replied with expressionlessness.

"Tenryu" returns short word.

「That's right.」

「It was you who made a mistake. Because of you, by-blow to me.」

The man said as if there was a cause in "Tenryu".

"Tenryu" also replies the cause.

「Shut up! My role is murderer! Rather, isn't it your responsibility to let them go in front of me? "Hajime".」

「Don't say things like Mr."Kondo".」

※Mr."Kondo" is their boss.

A man called "Hajime" got angry at "Tenryu".

"Tenryu" gets angry to counter him.

「Don't categorize me same to Mr."Kondo".」

「Oh, I was sorry.」

While saying so, "Hajime Saito" leaves that place.

By the way "Saito" was the captain of the 3rd party in "Shinsengumi".

"Tenryu" once again closed his eyes and existed there without moving at all.

It was like a big rock.

After a while, another man also goes through there.

He is no noticeable feature in appearance.

In dare to say, he is handsome and about twenty years old.

He is "Kosaburo" that appeared in the conversation of "Tenryu" and "Saito" a while ago.

He was one of the 3rd party members, and follower of "Saito".

That "Kosaburo" notices the existence of "Tenryu".

And "Kosaburo" says thankful words with folding the legs and a gesture like attaching the forehead to the floor.

「Mr."Tenryu". Thank you so much for this time.」

「Raise your head, "Kosaburo". There is no reason for you to thank me. Rather, I did sorry for you.」

"Tenryu" stood up on the ground and said that while looking up at the moon.

"Kosaburo" is unable to accept the care of "Tenryu".

「No, if Mr."Tenryu" won't advise Mr."Kondo", I might have been…」

「Don't say any more. Rather than that, they had information on the murderer "Izo".」

Blocking the word of "Kosaburo", "Tenryu" said that while scratching the many scars on his right arm with the left hand.

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