Episode 3/Bizarre Man

"Rokuro" and "Kahei" were confused.

Suddenly they were spoken to by someone from the other side of the cherry tree, so they went around to the other side of the cherry tree like a pincer attack it.

But the scenes that jumped into their eyes were far beyond their predictions based on their experiences.

A very large man sits between the root and root of cherry tree, he threw both legs and deposit his back on the trunk of a cherry tree, and he was yawning big.

First of all, the size of the body is large enough to have never seen before.

Even though he sits down, it was the size enough to understand that the size is out of common sense.

It may be more surprised when he stood up.

However, even if it's surprising if it's only the size of the body, it won't be confusing this much.

Factors that made them confused were in the bizarre appearance beyond that size.

Looking at the face there is a big scratch by swords from the forehead to the left cheek.

If you look closely, there are lots of other scratches by swords.

From neck to chest, arm visible from sleeve, leg visible from hem.

Furthermore, the hairstyle was Callian hair, not Topknot.

※In this era, the hairstyle of a man was Topknot.

Clothes look as poor just like "Rokuro".

Being a sumo wrestler rather than a samurai seemed to be convinced.

However, it seems that it's a samurai because Japanese swords are placed aside.

Age is twenties, no, thirties aren't strange too.

And "Rokuro" asks again though he is confused about his bizarre appearance.

「Who are you?」

「I want to no answer to those who points swords to me. If you fight me, just be prepared for it. I'm so strong.」

That bizarre man said happily.

Unlike "Rokuro" and "Kahei", he seems to be not at all tense.

"Rokuro" and "Kahei" couldn't feel a response, and they are stunned.

And they seemed to be lost how to deal with this bizarre man.

「I found them! It's over there!」

Suddenly, a shouting voice rises from the direction where "Rokuro" came.

"Rokuro" and "Kahei" will move their eyes to the direction where those voice.

There was a soldier of "Shinsengumi".

Then, while increasing the number of soldiers, they will head toward "Rokuro" one after another.

"Rokuro" and "Kahei" saw it, immediately tried to escape in a different direction.

But also in that direction, the soldiers wearing uniforms of "Shinsengumi" appear one after another.

「Oops! We are surrounded!」

"Rokuro" said to "Kahei".

It seems that "Kahei" is confused.

"Rokuro" immediately turns to a bizarre man and talks to him.

「I'm sorry, could you please help u…」

「I see. I understood the situation.」

Before "Rokuro" finished request words, a bizarre man said so, stood up and swung the Japanese sword sideways.

Just as, "Rokuro"'s head rolls on the ground and blood spurts from the cut face of neck.

Continue, the body falls to the ground and spread the blood pool to the ground.

"Kahei" who was confused, seemed to be frightened at the sight of it.

Ignore such "Kahei", a bizarre man says.

「Sorry. I'm a soldier of "Shinsengumi" too.」

This time he swung down the Japanese sword vertically and broke "Kahei" from the head to the chest.

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