Episode 5/Expected Man

Two men were talking in the corridor of Maekawa's House, which is the base of "Shinsengumi".

The moonlight from the night sky and the light leaking from inside the room are vaguely illuminating the two men.

One had no distinctive features, but the other was a very big man.

This big man, his name is "Tenryu Kurotani".

"Tenryu" stood on the ground looking up at the night sky.

「No way, it was unexpected that they were holding information on "Izo".」

「Murderer "Izo" ...」

Name of the talker is "Kosaburo Oki".

"Kosaburo" was sitting with his legs folded at the edge of the corridor.

"Tenryu" says while turning towards "Kosaburo".

「Yes, I will kill "Izo". So I also regret a little.」

「I don't feel like you regret.」

"Kosaburo" said with a smile.

"Tenryu" says a bullish thing in response to such "Kosaburo"'s words.

「Shut up! "Kosaburo". Someday you will be killed by me. Don't forget that!」

「Even if you kill me, I guess there is nothing interesting.」

"Kosaburo" was still smiling.

"Tenryu" says, to return a smile to "Kosaburo".

「There isn't such a thing. The piercing technique of "Oki" style swordsmanship is enough interesting.」

"Kosaburo" will stop smiling as if he was robbed of the smile by "Tenryu".

「The piercing technique … Mr."Tenryu", do you know something?」

And this time, "Kosaburo" asked "Tenryu".

"Tenryu" turns to the other side and says like a pretend to be ignorant.

「No, I don't know anything. But I think that there is something in the piercing technique of "Oki" style swordsmanship.」

「Is that so.」

"Kosaburo" responded short.

"Tenryu" looking back towards "Kosaburo" while asking happily.

「How is it? Did my guess hit?」

「Well, how about it?」

"Kosaburo" smiles again, avoiding the question from "Tenryu".

"Tenryu" says again with a smile.

「Oh yeah, of course you will not be able to say it. Anyway, including the piercing technique, you are still immature. "Kosaburo".」

「If so, it seems that I need to improve more.」

This time seriously, "Kosaburo" responded.

"Tenryu" turns again and says while looking up at the night sky.

「Come and please do it. Because "Gentaro" was killed by someone.」

「My father…」

"Kosaburo" said lonesome.

"Tenryu" says, and stay looking up at the night sky.

「You are stronger than "Kojiro". I will also kill "Kotaro" in the future.」

「"Koshiro" won't be your target.」

"Kosaburo" had a bitter smile.

"Tenryu" is still looking up at the night sky.

「Shame of the "Oki"'s family? I have never met "Koshiro". He is very different from you.」

「If "Koshiro" can do all the performance, I think that the difference will become smaller.」

"Kosaburo" said words that will help "Koshiro".

"Tenryu" says, looking back towards "Kosaburo".

「Is it so? If so, I'll check with my own eyes next time.」

「I don't think you need to do that. Because "Koshiro" is impossible to do all the performance.」

This time, "Kosaburo" said bad things about "Koshiro".

"Tenryu" ends the conversation and leaves from the place.

「I see. Well then, I will leave from here soon.」


"Kosaburo" responded short.

"Tenryu" says with a smile.

「I will give you good results for the next opportunity.」

「No, I don't need good results. I also don't want to be committed "Seppuku".」

※"Seppuku" is punishment to commit suicide.

"Kosaburo" replied with a smile.

"Tenryu" says with a bitter smile.

「Hahaha. That's right. If "Kosaburo" commits "Seppuku", I will regret it.」

And "Tenryu" went away alone into the darkness.

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