Chapter Ⅰ

The Murderer

Episode 1/No Match Man

At the end of the Edo era of Japan, as a result of "many samurai against the government" and "Shinsengumi" fighting, many dead were created in Kyoto.




The two samurai who seemed to be poor, they were running through the streets of Kyoto, even though they were in contact with passersby at times.

A samurai going ahead shouted to a samurai who follows.

「"Kahei"! Here it is!」

「I understand. Mr."Rokuro".」

A samurai called "Kahei" responded to "Rokuro" who goes ahead.

It seems that the two samurai desperately are running away from someone while becoming sweaty.

"Rokuro" is about 30 years old, it's felt just when dignity comes out.

"Kahei" is about 20 years old, even if he is a teenager he looks young enough to everyone believes.

That "Kahei" shouts.

「Go away!」


Among the many passersby, one man was pushed by "Kahei" and collapsed on the ground.

The man is falling forward.

The man was also dressed as a samurai, but because he was wearing expensive clothes, his status seemed high.

"Rokuro" and "Kahei" don't mind the fact that a man has fallen, they ran away as it was.

Among the surrounding passersby, a lot of people were looking at the man who fell down.

Those who turn sympathy, those who look curious, and various people will be there.

From among such onlooker, one young woman runs up to the man who is fallen.

And the woman speaks to the fallen man.

「All right? "Koshiro"?」


A man called "Koshiro" moaned while lifting his face.

Judging from the face, it will be about high teens.

It was handsome.

And a young woman says with laughing.

「The name seems to be strong, but you are weak.」

※The Japanese name of "Koshiro" is "虎士郎", "虎" is a tiger.

She is a very charming woman.

Guessing her age from that expression, it seems to be about high teens.

She is still married because she is wearing a "Furisode".

※Japanese old custum so unmarried women wear "Furisode".

「Don't run away!」

「Capture them!」

Several men came chasing from the direction "Rokuro" came.

They were wearing uniforms.

It was a uniform of "Shinsengumi".

Peoples who confirmed the appearance of "Shinsengumi", they gave way to "Shinsengumi".

When it relates to "Shinsengumi", there is a high possibility of being troublesome.

"Shinsengumi" follows "Rokuro" and "Kahei", through the road given to peoples.

"Koshiro" stands up slowly, drops the soil that attached to the hem, and drops the soil that attached to the hands.

「"O'Sono", thank you for your concern.」

"Koshiro" thanked the young woman.

A woman called "O'Sono" give a pep talk to "Koshiro".

「You're welcome. More than that, you are a samurai, so you have to be stronger.」

From the words of "O'Sono", It seems that "O'Sono" and "Koshiro" are close relationships.

「Oh! I think that I'm no match for the samurai.」

In an apologetic tone "Koshiro" said so.

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