Episode 8/Careless Man

In the darkness, a man walks in the city of Kyoto.

It will be the highlight of summer soon, such early summer night.

There is neither the moon nor the star in the night sky.

As it was raining during the day, the night sky may still be covered with clouds.

That man had a Japanese lantern on his left hand.

It's a lantern of "Shinsengumi".

He might be a soldier of "Shinsengumi", but he didn't wear the uniform of "Shinsengumi".

It's probably going out for private, so being alone.

However, he was using the lantern of "Shinsengumi".

Fairly, it's loose.

It was a man with no particular features.

This man is named "Kojiro Oki".

"Oki"'s dojo is One of the famous swordsmanship dojos in Kyoto, and many "Shinsengumi" soldiers were learning.

He was the second son of that "Oki"'s family.

Further he was also the older brother of "Kosaburo" and "Koshiro", and also the fiance of "O'Sono".

There was a famous brothel in the direction where "Kojiro" came.

Apparently, "Kojiro" seems to be a way home from using that brothel.


Why is he going to a brothel while he have a fiance?

In this era, it was commonplace not to do sex before marriage.

Especially, family of "Oki" is a pedigree of samurai, it was natural that "Kojiro" went to a brothel.

Samurai cherishes discipline.

But even a samurai is a man, so there is sexual desire not to be suppressed.

It was one of the roles of brothels to solve such contradictions.


Then, someone's figure appears in the direction where "Kojiro" go ahead.

It's rare to see other people in town during this time of this era.

Like "Kojiro" go to a brothel, or a secret maneuvers.

Apart from that, the people won't go out at midnight.

Therefore, he may be a member of the organization that against the government.

"Kojiro" is a soldier of "Shinsengumi", so if he is against government, he must deal with it.

In any case, first of all, "Kojiro" have to confirm what kind of person he is.

So "Kojiro" went on carefully and slowly towards him.

But "Kojiro" relaxed as he confirmed his face.

「Oh, you are "Koshiro".」

"Kojiro" spoke to "Koshiro" but there was no reply.

Unavoidably, "Kojiro" speaks again.

「It's unusual for you to go out such time.」

While saying so, carelessly "Kojiro" gets closer to "Koshiro".

As soon as that, "Koshiro" pull out the Japanese sword and goes slashing to "Kojiro".

"Koshiro" penetrates the throat of "Kojiro" with a sword.

It was a momentary event.

And "Koshiro" pulls out the sword from the throat of "Kojiro", swings the sword and shakes off the blood attached to the sword, slowly puts the sword in the sheath.

At the same time, the body of "Kojiro" fell down to the ground.

Blood flows out from the wound, blood pool spreads on the ground.

And "Koshiro" walked away from the place as if nothing had happened.

Only the body of "Kojiro" is left on the place.

After a while, one very big man appeared there.

A big scratch by swords from the forehead to the left cheek is conspicuous.

His name is "Tenryu Kurotani".

「Sorry for "Kojiro". But you showed me interesting things. Hey! "Kojiro", I'll kill him.」

"Tenryu" spoke to "Kojiro" which seems to be already dead.

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