Nice and dark

It was a very nice and honestly very real work. The people who betrayed the hero without even thinking that they were living peacefully because the hero defeated the enemy and in a second they betray him and condemn him for not being there or being too powerful. The part which I actually felt the worst was the childhood sweetheart of the hero going to another man without even thinking about him 😭, I mean come on your fiancé was fighting with his life on the line for world peace and you were happily whoring yourself out to some other man😒. Well their end was also very grotesque and the best 😈. The concept of friendship between the hero and the heavenly knight was very vivid and ideal. They both trusted each other to the point that when the king ordered the knight to assassinate the hero he told the hero about it. What a nice friendship 🤧. All in all this was very nice and dark novel where it is shown what happens when you betray a person who saved you. Thank you author, sadgawaitzki-sensei for writing this work and I hope for success in your future endeavours