Dark Clouds

作者 井上 桜


508 PV


第1頁 I'm Demelza. Yeah,Demelza Dlip. 16 185 PV
第2頁 Without a resolution to abandon my Life, I'm not alive today. 8 63 PV
第3頁 Don't think that the sceneries you're seeing are all of the world. 4 37 PV
第4頁 Get out within that I not get angry. 5 29 PV
第5頁 It may be destined turn if I meet you somewhere again. 6 19 PV
第6頁 If you don't believe a fairytale with reality, what I speak will be only a fairytale for you! 4 14 PV
第7頁 That is, you want to go to somewhere, but there is no place to go. 5 14 PV
第8頁 Will I die? Will I DIE? 5 13 PV
第9頁 What targeted it……what it was this Demelza, a thing is your cause of defeat!! 6 15 PV
第10頁 You did what a stupid thing……. 4 12 PV
第11頁 Originally, the king should perish with the country. 1 7 PV
第12頁 It is not a clever act, Excellency. 1 11 PV
第13頁 If it is all the human beings following a rule, Naptia is more peaceful!!! 5 12 PV
第1頁 It is expected that the war spreads soon. 2 7 PV
第2頁 It may not be a shame to cry. ......, but that does not match with pride. 1 5 PV
第3頁 There is always light at the end of the path I am seeking. 1 5 PV
第4頁 Why don't I like such a thing...... 4 6 PV
第1頁 Welcome it is a traveler to Teber which the town of the flower. 2 8 PV
第2頁 I decide what I would do! 1 3 PV
第3頁 My life is painful. 1 4 PV
第4頁 I hear that Gillen, the 4th generation lord, was a brilliant one. 2 5 PV
第5頁 This body is not comfortable, too...... 2 6 PV
第6頁 What I know is memories, not pasts. 2 7 PV
第7頁 Why do people grieve? 3 5 PV
第8頁 The empty man found the possibility in the emptiness of the end of the death. 3 3 PV
第9頁 No matter what you say, I will follow you! 2 2 PV
第10頁 If the blood splashes on the ground, something blossoms will certainly bloom there. 2 3 PV
第11頁 You are loved in the world? 2 7 PV
第12頁 Do a duel with people who agree. 1 1 PV